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At Heswall Hair and Beauty we use nothing but the best products for all of our nail treatments. We offer Shellac manicures and pedicures, Rock Star glitters and crystal gems, acrylic nails and Swarovski crystals encrusted onto every inch of your toe nails for a very blingy special effect (very popular with brides). Relax in our massaging pedicure chair, while your feet are pampered in a whirlpool basin, so you leave the salon feeling like your walking on air after our therapist have refreshed your feet and removed all your unwanted dry skin, massaged and moisturised your feet and calfs into total relaxation.

Great treatment for both ladies and men!

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Eye Lashes

We offer amazing eye lash extentions, using "Lash Perfect" professional eye lash extentions. These are individual synthetic lashes that are applied directly onto your natural lash line. Available in a range of lengths, thickness, and curvatures. Any look can be achieved, and professional application means if it's a natural look, or something more dramatic you want, we can create whatever you desire.

Using a specialised flexible adhesive, each synthetic extention is gently bonded, one by one directly on top of your natural lashes. When professionally applied, your "Lash Perfect" lightweight extentions will feel just like your own.

A glue test is required 24hrs before application. Eye lash extentions do need to be removed professionally. Extentions can be worn for many months, however a full set will generally last up to 4 weeks initially. We reccomend maintenance every 2-3 weeks, which will help continue to keep lashes looking full and thick for up to 3 months. A full set of lash extentions can take from 90mins to two hours to apply.

Once applied they are completely waterproof and top ups can take any time from 15mins to 45 mins depending on how many you may have lost through natural shedding of the lashes, and time between top ups.

We also do party lashes and strip lashes for weekend wear. Eye brow waxing, tweezing and shaping.

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Spray Tanning

Xen-Tan is a professional grade spray tanning system, which comes in a range of shades from light to dark. The tan is applied in a private room, and sprayed on evenly for a flawless, non-patchy finish. Xen-Tan can also be used on the fairest of skin tones, meaning anyone can enjoy a nice, natural looking tan. They're ideal for anyone wishing to acquire an instant, healthy looking, overall tan at any time of the year.

Spray tans last 30 minutes and cost £20.00


At Heswall Hair and Beauty, we use a professional "PHD" waxing system, for a smoother, more sleek finish. The wax is applied thinnly to the skin, using a hygienic tube to create a razor like application. This thin application is easily removed with paper wax strips. We do all types of waxing including intermate areas. We use honey wax, sensitive wax and hot wax, depending on the client's needs. Vajazzels are avaliable if you fancy a bit of bling!

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